New Punk & Reggae singles

We’ve been busy in the studio lately, working on tracks that will (hopefully) end up on our second album. Two of these new tunes are available on our Bandcamp, Spotify, and wherever fine music is streamed.

The first track is a cover of Newtown, from The Slits’ first album, Cut. It was originally sung by our dear friend Ari-Up (REST IN POWER, ARI ❤️). Even though we used to back her up in NY and LA, we never covered one of her songs before because 1) how can you improve on perfection, and 2) it was too painful. But The Specialized Project asked us to contribute a cover to their new Punk Pioneers collection, and we decided this was the time. Before we put it out, we sent a copy of the track to Tessa, the bassie from The Slits, just to make sure it passed muster, and thankfully, she gave us her blessing.

The second new track is an I-riginal. We decided to write a secular winter holiday song, because in the Sinnbest household we celebrate Hanukkwanzmas, and there weren’t any other songs out there that we could use as a soundtrack (even though the late great Shane MacGowan wrote the best Christmas song ever). So we put together this reggae tune, using the wonderful drums and percussion skills of our friend Raphael Landauer from Dusseldorf. We’re very happy with how it came out.

The third new track is another cover song. This one is our version of Cool Nights, originally by legendary ska band Bim Skala Bim. We recorded this for a Stubborn Records compilation called Bim Bam Boom, and we didn’t have to choose which tune to do — this one was at the request of BSB lead singer Dan Vitale. We hope he likes it!

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