European Tour Wrap-Up & Pix

Oh, wow. We just got back from Europe and boy are we tired and happy. Dunia, Aram & guitarist Rob Coltun played at Revolte Bar in Berlin, Bistrot des Martyrs in Montmartre, a random venue in a little medieval town near a bigger medieval town in central France where they keep the relics of Mary Magdalene, paid our respects to Hildegard von Bingen at Ebingen Abbey in Germany, and capped things off with a set at the Freedom Sounds Festival in Cologne, along with Dusseldorf drummer Raphael Landauer, who kicked some serious ass despite having exactly one rehearsal with us the day before the gig. The festival took place in Odonien, this crazy artist collective where they build giant robots and sculptures out of old boats and cars and industrial detritus.

Everywhere we went, the crowds went nuts for our music, which made us feel great. Even better, everywhere we played, they invited us back, so stay tuned for the Dunia & Aram European tour Summer 2024.

Here are some nice pics of our festival gig by Freedom Sounds’ Ashley Greb. Stay tuned for video when it’s posted.

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